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We all have the same goal—safe, healthy, happy patients.
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Thinking about in-office anesthesia services?

Consider having Stratus come to your office a day or two per month to help increase your turnover. Rather than preparing and recovering your patients from sedation, you can be in another room seeing office patients while we keep your sedation patients safe and progressing through discharge. Let us do everything but the dentistry — we bring emergency equipment, medication, and supplies. We'll also bring an assistant so your staff can focus on their duties.

  • Set up occasional or recurring dates.
  • No case minimums.
  • No fees for your office.

Booking your procedures at a surgery center?

Having difficulty scheduling enough anesthesia days? Call today to start scheduling procedure days. We can hold days for you or you can call with individual date requests.

Skip the facility fee and work in your own office with your own staff and equipment. Contact us today and let us know how we can be your perfect partner.

Setup Process

  1. Schedule a Meeting - Discuss your needs, your current system, and patient flow.
  2. Site Visit - We'll take building measurements and ensure all safety equipment is compatible. If it’s easier for you, we can combine the site visit and the original meeting into one.
  3. Agreement/Policies - Sign a short agreement that spells out requirements, medical-legal responsibility and cooperative relationship.
  4. Schedule Cases - Have your front desk staff book dates with us by email. We’ll reply to confirm and the day is yours.
  5. Confirm Schedule - Send your patient procedure schedule over via HIPAA-secure email or fax when you’re able.
  6. We’ll take care of the rest! - We prescreen patients’ medical histories, collect consent and financial information, and bill the patients directly. We bring an anesthesia machine, medications, emergency equipment, monitoring equipment, a crash cart, an AED, and an assistant. We'll share a copy of the electronic anesthesia chart for your records after the case is complete.

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Please contact us to schedule a no-obligation meeting at your convenience.  

Phone: 317-588-2802
Fax: 317-565-4645

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